About Us

Black Alliance PAC is an independent, African-American-led organization that makes a difference in changing our economic, justice and political landscape through the power of engagement and elections. We believe that by educating our community around the issues that matter most, we can make a difference one vote at a time.

We strive to motivate and rally Black voters to the polls to elect Governors, Lt. Governors, Attorney Generals, US Senators, and State Legislators. We are committed to building a lasting political infrastructure, where we can hold our elected officials accountable to a policy agenda that defends our rights, promotes dignity, and ends white supremacy.

The Black Alliance Political Action Committee is working to fix the challenge of African American underrepresentation in elected seats of power throughout our state. The promise that our government would be for the people and of the people has been historically inaccurate. The Black Alliance PAC is committed to increasing the number of African Americans in public office at all levels, to ensure our nation upholds its ideals and promises of a truly representative democracy.

We believe that by increasing black participation in our elections and growing the diversity of voices participating in solving our nation’s most challenging problems is vital to the health and longevity of our democracy. Given the historical barriers that marginalize African-American voters, we believe that a focused effort to engage our community is a necessary part of expanding our democracy. By talking to them in their neighborhoods, online and by mail, we can educate, organize, register and mobilize Black voters to build political power and use that power to effect change.